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Month: November 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on legal interim management

Interim management has the particularity of escaping the cycles of the job market. Indeed, while the whole job market was strongly and immediately impacted during the first confinement, the more specific interim management market has better resisted the collapse of the demand for hiring or interims. This is probably because it is aimed at a category of intermediate or senior level staff that is essential to the smooth running of the company, without being synonymous with...
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What are the advantages of interim management assignments?

Interim management, the ideal solution Interim management offers at least 10 advantages: 1. The variety of assignments 3. The challenges 4. The improvement of skills 5. The possibility of repositioning oneself professionally 6. The acquisition of relational and managerial skills 7. Mobility 8. Added value to a career 9. An attractive remuneration 10. A complete support of the candidate Interim management consists in entrusting temporarily the direction of a company, a department or a company...
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The strengths and skills of an interim manager

Why use an interim manager? The interim manager combines the following skills and qualities: 1. Experience 2. Being operational quickly 3. Adaptability 4. Mobility 5. Resistance to stress 6. Responsiveness 7. Open-mindedness 8. Listening 9. Ability to synthesize 10. Ability to make quick decisions 11. Leadership 12. Pragmatism 13. Neutrality The interim manager who has this profile will have all the chances on his side. Let's take a look at the different skills that are required for a successful transition manager.
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At what point in your career should you become an interim manager ?

Is age a determining factor? In today's world, there is no age limit for becoming an interim manager. There are many and varied cases of recourse to interim managers and, depending on the mission, the age criterion will be more or less decisive. Traditionally, an interim manager is expected to be a woman or a man who has: held positions of responsibility or "autonomous" positions in the field of business development, and...
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The benefits of umbrella company for the interim manager?

Why choose freelance administration? The 4 advantages for the interim manager: 1. No creation of a legal structure 2. Administrative simplicity 3. Guaranteed social security coverage 4. Support Definitely operational, the interim manager is a professional who has already held management positions (legal director, tax director, Compliance Officer, etc.), or as an "autonomous" professional in his or her sector, and who can be "entrusted" with files for which the skills required are...
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Interim Management: 6 use scenarios

Interim management: various cases of recourse The interim manager is an operational expert, whose profile is exactly adequate and relevant, evaluated upstream by the interim management company to meet the needs of the client company. The typology of the latter's needs generally covers one of the following cases: Project management Relay Performance Growth Transformation Crisis or difficulties Interim management was born in the United States and...
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Legal interim management, a model suitable for companies of all sizes

The interest of using interim management First of all, large companies now use interim legal management for all types of assignments. These can involve a specialist as well as a generalist. It can be for large-scale, long-term projects (upgrading in certain specific areas: compliance, personal data, etc.). It can also be a need for short-term reinforcement. In the last few decades, large companies have played a key role in the...
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Feedback from an interim manager at IMfinity

Testimonial When we contacted our interim manager for this new assignment, he was in the process of finishing another assignment with IMfinity in a large American group, as manager of a contracts team. "My last assignment with IMfinity was as head of the contracts department in an international group. IMfinity introduced me to the assignment, gave me the complete job description, and explained the exact situation of the company and the legal department, without hiding anything. I have...
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