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Our Legal Department

At the risk of surprising you, the most delicate part is not necessarily finding the interim manager but defining the need and the scope of the assignment with the client. This is also what is exciting: analyzing their situation, their challenges and their expectations, building with them the best profile to provide them with the best person. The right interim manager is the one who meets the needs for expertise (even the most unexpected), has a relevant level of experience, but also - and this is something that is very important to us at IMfinity - knows how to apply the skills adapted to the company's culture, its managerial and hierarchical practices, in order to be effective but also to feel at ease there. A tech start-up does not function like a large industrial group!

Gérard Garcia

Associate Director - Legal Department

What makes a lawyer is four things:

    • Training
    • Fields of activity
    • Experience
    • Areas of expertise
What makes a good legal interim manager is also his ability to adapt to the environment of the assignment. This is where the coaching of the firm's partners comes in.

Indeed, helping a legal department to function is a special job. Only legal professionals with a strong sense of service and specific soft skills can exercise it with all the guarantees that are to be expected.

For example, where the "legal interim management" sold by "recruitment firms" and their sales teams stops is where it all starts with us: coaching, monitoring, reporting, steering, exchanges, support, coaching, training where needed, etc. In short, understanding the business!


Nor is legal interim management to be confused with the traditional secondment of junior lawyers by large firms, of which this is not the business model.

Since 2017, IMfinity has been a forerunner
in this speciality of legal interim management

Our methodology of legal transition management is to offer :

    • A high quality service: our speakers are rigorously selected by seasoned professionals
    • Optimum responsiveness
    • A technical follow-up
    • A follow-up of the integration of each participant

Our practice of legal interim management is to understand :

    • Your budgetary constraints: support functions; Legal Departments have to do a lot with little, and even more in phases of crisis and cost reduction.
    • Your requests for ”hyper-specialists” or generalists
    • Your interest in also calling on young lawyers for assignments
    • Your wish that our lawyer is well-suited to your legal culture

Modalities of intervention :

    • A brief exchange with our teams, or a job description; we don't waste your time with unnecessary formalities. With minimal information, our experience allows us to understand your needs.
    • A detailed proposal of managers and fees through our dedicated application
    • An interview, by videoconference or in person
    • A mission start-up when you want it
    • Billing on a daily or monthly basis

Examples of typical assignments handled by our Legal Department:

Expert in listed company law - stock exchange law for a CAC 40 company. Excellent knowledge of corporate governance (AGM, Board of Directors, Committees...). Good level of written English.

Senior autonomous lawyer in IT law - personal data for a CAC 40 type client - ten to fifteen years experience - excellent level of English.