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The IMfinity core values
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Uniqueness : We believe that the richness of our team is due to the diversity and complementarity of its members. 

The multiplicity of experiences, backgrounds and skills allows us to think in a particularly efficient and agile way. 

Our team is made up of recognised professionals with real business knowledge, the result of many years of experience in large companies in a wide variety of economic sectors.

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Empathy : because we operate in the field of human resources on a daily basis, and in order to achieve excellence,

   → On the one hand, we take the time to listen to our clients right down to the way they want to tell us about their needs and we adapt to their way of communicating without any formalism. Each of our clients expresses themselves with their own technical vocabulary, culture and values. We strive to deliver high quality intellectual services with the detachment of a professional, available and efficient.

   → On the other hand, we take the time to welcome each manager, to listen to him or her, to understand him or her and to guide him or her towards assignments that meet his or her expectations.

Humility: In recent decades, we have seen companies transform. Hierarchical organisations with centralised power are evolving into matrix structures. 

Each of IMfinity's associate directors approaches these complex contexts for their clients with hindsight, without certainty or preconceptions, and is entirely dedicated to the simplicity and effectiveness of the response. 

This humility in the face of each client's request serves the analysis and facilitates the resolution of the problem.

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