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What are the advantages of interim management assignments?

Interim management - the ideal solution

Interim management offers at least 10 advantages:

1. The richness of the content

2. The variety of missions

3. The challenges

4. Skills development

5. The possibility of repositioning oneself professionally

6. The acquisition of relational and managerial skills

7. Mobility

8. Adding value to a career

9. An attractive remuneration

10. Comprehensive candidate support

Interim management involves temporarily entrusting the management of a company, a department, or a business unit to an interim manager.

The advantages of interim management in detail

1. Richly rewarding experience

Interim management assignments are suitable for those who love change and see it as a source of motivation and intellectual enrichment. Each mission is a new adventure, full of richness and variety. It opens a new experience, revealing new organizational structures, introducing new collaborators, and offering opportunities for reflection to find solutions to new problems.

Without laying out a long list of cases where interim management has been used, it is worth noting that many situations lend themselves to interim management, and that such situations correspond to significant moments in the life of the company, and to high points in the life of a team or a department.


2. A variety of assignments

Each assignment introduces a new environment and offers the opportunity to work independently, while at the same time being supported. This calls for enjoyment in rising to challenges, and a certain taste for risk. From one assignment to another, there is no such thing as routine. But adaptability is key, as each new assignment is a new adventure, with new collaborators.


3. Challenges

Closely related to the previous point, the challenges faced by the interim manager can be of varying degrees of importance. However, considering the situations in which interim management is typically used (handover management, growth management, managing difficulties, optimising an organisation, etc.), it is easy to see how complex situations can often arise. An interim manager will be able to distinguish himself or herself in these critical moments in the life of the company.


4. The opportunity to reposition oneself professionally and develop skills

Each mission allows you to remain active in the field, gaining experience and know-how. We know from experience know that interim managers always gain skills in carrying out each new assignment, and that their skill set is enriched as a result.


5. Leadership and its benefits

An interim management assignment can be an opportunity to reposition oneself professionally: it is therefore not uncommon for a large group to choose to extend the interim management assignment or even decide to recruit the profile, for the skills it has demonstrated and which would not have been mobilised in more traditional circumstances.


6. The acquisition of relational and managerial skills

Each new mission encourages the meeting of a variety of people. You have to be quickly operational, highly responsive and have a great capacity for adaptation. You have to be able to mobilize teams quickly to complete the mission. It is then that the interim manager must prove that he or she has fully understood the ins and outs of the mission... including the organisational aspects. Successful integration into the company's "organisation chart" requires knowing who does what and creating a solid internal network of relationships. Tact, diplomacy and empathy are essential to the success of the mission.


7. Mobility

Some prestigious missions require mobility within a national or international perimeter. Often reserved for high-flying missions, they correspond to the needs of large groups that want to establish themselves abroad, for example. This mobility enriches the experience of the manager on assignment.


8. Adding value to a career

Taking on interim management assignments adds valuable, much sought-after experience to one's CV. It is now a fact that a successful high-level career now includes this kind of experience..


9. An attractive remuneration

The remuneration of an interim manager is often higher than his or her equivalent for the same position, within a fixed contractual framework (CDI). And with salary portage, the salary is optimised. A point to be taken into account.


10. Supporting the candidate

IMfinity makes regular check-ups with its managers and with the client in order to take the pulse of the situation and make the mission a complete success. Our teams are involved, follow each mission and remain fully attentive to the manager and the client.

Carrying out an assignment with IMfinity is also the assurance of benefiting from effective coaching by seasoned professionals from the Legal, Tax, Employment Law and Compliance sectors.

Written under the supervision of Francis Fernandez-Mouron.