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Our Sales Department

Jérôme Dubois

Associate Director - Commercial Division

"Reconciling operational results with strategic objectives" must be the motto of the perfect Sales Manager. 

Indeed, the role of the Sales Manager has evolved considerably in recent years. We've gone from "simple" revenue management (sales execution) to co-piloting the company. By virtue of his position, the Sales Manager now has a global vision of the company, its current situation ("Actuals") but also its potential in terms of development ( Setting objectives and Controlling the predictability of revenues and profitability).

The Sales Director is on the front line of internal and external development, defining sales strategy and helping to steer the company's financial communications.

More than a growth driver, the Sales Director must be a true Business Partner for the shareholder.

What makes a successful Sales Manager can be summed up in 4 points:

    • Its ability to bounce back from a constantly changing environment (aggressive competition, new business and/or marketing models, etc.).
    • His experience in "human" sales force management
    • Mastery of information systems (ERP), management systems (CRM) and sales methodologies (MEDDIC, Customer Centric, Solution Selling, etc.).
    • Ability to work as part of a team with other company departments (Finance, Marketing, etc.).

What makes a good interim sales manager is his or her ability to adapt to the environment and objectives of the assignment.

We propose managers capable of intervening immediately in the following situations:

    • Realigning sales forces with operational objectives
    • Implementation of an Upstream (Leads Management) and Downstream (Sales Execution) steering system
    • Strategic thinking on short- and medium-term development (putting into perspective the ratio of personnel costs to time to profitability)
    • Implementation of commercial management processes (hierarchical system for delegating commercial, financial and legal conditions)

In addition to their technical skills, our managers are also assessed for their "soft skills". As such, they are supported by our team of certified coaches to ensure their seamless integration into the team, as well as their ability to cope with the critical situations they will encounter.

Examples of typical assignments handled by our Sales department:

Realignment of sales engineers on their quantitative (actual and forecast) and qualitative (CRM data quality, conversation rate, activity) objectives: Regular reviews of opportunities and their follow-up/status in the CRM, launch/reinforcement of prospecting days, teambuilding, organization of Kick Offs.

Sales force audit: Skills and sales activities audit and associated action plan (training plan, implementation of sales methods (MEDDIC, etc.), implementation of necessary adjustments (Personalized Development Plan, implementation of "Incentives"), action plan to boost sales growth.

Mission to help build "Go 2 Market": Analysis of market, offers, partners and competition. Implementation of a sales strategy (by company size segment, by market vertical, by product offering).