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Month: November 2019

An anti-corruption compliance organization: what are the stakes, what are the risks? Lessons to be learned from recent cases

Over the last ten years, numerous events in the field of prevention, fight and repression of corruption committed by companies have made it possible to draw up precise guidelines on the characteristics expected of an anti-corruption Compliance organization by the anti-corruption authorities. Consequently, the question of what risks a company runs if it has an anti-corruption organization in the guise of a façade is once again being asked. Some companies have put in place a compliance organization...
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Compliance in Africa: the state of play in a coveted playing field

Africa is today the place of all covetousness. The continent is experiencing strong demographic and economic growth, which is attracting African and foreign investors. As stated by the President of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, "the situation of the continent is good. Africa's overall economic performance continues to improve. We can only rejoice, as Africans but also as Europeans, as the destiny of the two continents is linked...
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Compliance in French companies: evolution of practices; challenges; questions for the future

Today, compliance is a must in all sectors of corporate life. Its objective: risk prevention. This is a broad interpretation of the notion of "risk". What is compliance? "Compliance ensures that the company complies with all the rules, both in terms of form and content. We are talking about compliance with something: with laws, with the rules of the profession, but also with the rules...
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