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Our Finance Division

Collaborative work at IMfinity

The role of the CFO has changed considerably in recent years. We have gone from managing accounts to co-piloting the company. The CFO's position gives him/her a global view of the company, its current situation and its potential for development. The CFO is at the forefront of internal or external development, supervises all reorganisations and steers financial communication for each event in the life of the company. He or she must be a true business partner.

Financing needs and cash management, turnaround, exit from the crisis, partial sale of activities, LBOs, these are the constraints to which CFOs are exposed today.

Another event that puts the CFO on the front line is cybersecurity. This new threat puts the CFO at the heart of the system, with the very delicate role of protecting the company's data in all its forms.

All of these responsibilities are very heavy to carry on a daily basis, and that is why interim management is an essential managerial alternative that makes it possible to provide the resource adapted to the needs of the company to help the CFO in his duties.

In the case of the Finance function, at Imfinity, we cover all the professions of a Finance Department and provide a variety of experienced profiles, familiar with the new tools, in all sectors of activity:

    • Administrative and Financial Director / Administrative and Financial Manager
    • Director / Head / Accounting Manager
    • Controlling Director: Central, Commercial, Operational
    • Treasurer
    • Project Management Finance
    • Audit/Compliance Manager

In addition to their technical skills, our managers are also assessed for their "soft skills". As such, they are assisted by our team of certified coaches to ensure their perfect integration into the team as well as their ability to cope with the critical situations they will encounter.

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Feedback from an IMfinity Transition Manager
in Finance

Examples of typical missions managed by our Finance division:

Review and optimisation of the budget cycle using LEAN Office.

Restructuring of the finance department: cash optimisation - project finance with banks - preparation of a BP to raise debt.

Mission to analyse profitability by product for portfolio optimisation.