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Our Compliance Unit


Pierre Laporte

Associate Director - Compliance Division

The legal and regulatory landscape has evolved considerably over the past 20 years.

This development has led to a proliferation of laws, regulations and standards applying to all sectors (pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, military, energy, IT, finance, industry, services, etc.) and to their strict enforcement.

Organizations need to adapt to the emergence of new risks.

The emergence of new risks means we need to incorporate them into the way we manage and steer our business.

Pierre Laporte, a recognized expert in the field of compliance, has joined theIMfinity team as Associate Director to second interim managers selected from the best profiles.

He is a member of the Cercle Montesquieu, of which he was a director and head of the Governance and Compliance Commission, and a director of the Association pour le Contentieux Économique et Financier (APCEF).

It is imperative that companies (large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and SMEs) understand the challenges associated with the various aspects of compliance (governance, prevention of fraud and corruption, export control, cybersecurity, protection of personal data, compliance with competition law, etc.). 


Third-party assessment - Risk mapping - International and sectoral expertise - Training for managers & operational teams - Export control & economic sanctions - RCSI - Organizational compliance - Strategic management of third parties - Crisis communication - Pharmaceutical compliance - Duty of care of parent companies and subsidiaries - Corporate governance & compliance programs - Cyber security & personal data protection

Examples of typical missions managed by our Compliance department:

anti-corruption standards - compliance within international subsidiaries - compliance with the integrity programs of international financial institutions - compliance with the Sapin 2 law

Our dedicated articles

Why Interim Management is useful for Compliance

The Transitional Compliance Manager on assignment works on compliance issues For more than twenty years, the consideration of compliance has developed in companies under the pressure of several factors: - The development of rules, standards and legislation in all areas: safety, labour, protection, etc.


Compliance in Africa: the state of play in a coveted playing field

Africa is today the place of all covetousness. The continent is experiencing strong demographic and economic growth, which is attracting African and foreign investors. As stated by the President of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, "the situation on the continent is good. Africa's overall economic performance continues to improve...


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