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Our Management Team


Francis Fernandez-Mouron

Associate Director - Executive Division

At IMfinity, we all come from board level positions and know how much companies today are faced with the need to transform themselves in an increasingly complex way, to improve their performance in order to remain competitive, to adapt to increasingly rapid changes in their environment, and sometimes also to manage crises.

Organisations do not always have the skills and time available internally. They, or their shareholders, then resort to professionals capable of handling these situations.

In the case of the Executive function, we cover all levels of management in all sectors of activity and provide qualified, experienced and confirmed profiles:

General Manager, CAO, DGD

● Subsidiary Director, Country Manager

● Business Unit Manager, Profit Centre Manager

● Strategic Project Management

● Development Director, Commercial Director

● Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Site Manager

We also select our speakers based on their extensive experience and know-how in dealing with the issues that companies face:

    • Transformation: reorganisation, development, growth, M&A and post-acquisition integration, digitalisation, CSR
    • Performance improvement: optimisation, turnaround, restructuring, operational excellence, commercial action plan
    • Crisis management
    • LBO, Carve out
    • Relay management - Emergency replacement

We know that in this type of challenge and situation, the interpersonal skills of those involved are just as important. This is why our Interim Managers are not only selected on the basis of their "soft skills" but also have access to a team of certified coaches so that they can better master the soft skills necessary for their perfect integration and thus be able to deal even more effectively with the complex situations in which they are involved.

Our intervention methodology:

- A discussion with our Associate Director to fully understand your needs, objectives and context.

- A detailed proposal of speakers

- Interview phase(s), by videoconference and/or face-to-face and selection of the speaker

- Contractualisation

- Start of the mission (on the basis of a roadmap and deliverables developed together: you, IMfinity and the consultant).

- Regular meetings (weekly and then monthly) between you and our Associate Director, and also between the Associate Director and the speaker (daily for the first few days and then weekly).

- Invoicing on a daily or monthly basis

- Review and feedback at the end of the mission

Examples of typical missions managed by our Executive Division:

General management mission for a medium-sized company prior to an acquisition to manage the company during the integration phase of the target and the reorganisation of the new entity.

Subsidiary Management Mission: to turn around the financial and operational situation of an underperforming entity within a Group in the logistics field.

Plant Manager mission: to manage two production units of an industrial engineering group, and to structure and deploy an Operational Excellence approach.