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Month: October 2021

The interim manager as a lever for corporate governance

Interim Executive: definition and description Interim Executive: definition An Interim Executive is an interim manager who holds a position within the general management of a company, for the duration of an interim management assignment. Interim Manager: what he is not Let's put an end to a common misconception and affirm it: the Interim Manager is an effective lever for the development and transformation of companies, SMEs, public and private companies,...
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Finance, cash, digitalisation, cybersecurity, why rely on the interim manager?

Many recent studies agree on the same diagnosis: cash management, digital transformation and cybersecurity are among the post-Covid priorities of CFOs. According to a study by PwC France and the DFCG*, cash management has become the second priority for finance departments this year, 78% of them plan to invest in the digitalization of the finance function and 84% of companies say they are exposed to the risk of cybercrime...
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