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The advantages of time-sharing


Operational solutions tailored to companies' needs with no time commitment


An agile, à la carte solution that optimizes your budget


Lawyers who can easily adapt
to different assignments and work for several companies.

Confirmed expertiseE

Generalist managers
or specialists in all
our areas of expertise


Experienced lawyers to quickly take charge
of an assignment independently

Time-sharing is a solution suited to all corporate functions: from sales to finance, from IT to internal audit, from HR to purchasing, every team deserves the help of an expert for a few days a week.

For example, the timeshare lawyer: high-level external assistance from experienced, responsive lawyers

With IMfinity's timeshare offer, you can benefit from the advantages of this model for your legal professions:

    • A scalable offer that can be adapted to suit your needs: the ramp-up occurs naturally during the growth phase, in parallel with the need for legal assistance. In periods of decline or crisis, it's easy to reduce the scope of the service.
    • Protect your budget: the fixed cost of your expenses protects you from unforeseen expenses and overruns. What's more, this system offers great flexibility, as it can be adapted or terminated at any time, without difficulty.
    • It's an efficient way of managing files, preventing risks and settling disputes: you can be sure that an expert will be on hand at any time to respond to your specific situation.

Time-sharing for SMEs and start-ups

The facts: tome companies are still reluctant to engage the services of a lawyer, because of the often high fees, the rigidity of billing (hourly rates) and the difficulty of finding a lawyer who can meet their specific needs immediately. Finding a good part-time lawyer is even more difficult.

Our answer: an on-site or remote lawyer from a few days a month to 1, 2 or 3 days a week at a fixed daily rate for legal support when setting up a business, or on a long-term basis.

The timeshare lawyer is particularly well suited to start-ups and SMEs which do not yet have the capacity to recruit top-level lawyers, but which already have to deal with a variety of strategic issues: commercial contracts, partnerships, litigation, employment law, personal data processing, etc.

With our timeshare lawyer offer, you can have your legal files handled by an external lawyer, so you can concentrate on your core business.

    • Start-ups: the timeshare offer is also an appropriate choice for entrepreneurs engaged in a creative process, for whom legal affairs are a simple necessity but cannot be a major cost center. 
    • SME : the timeshare lawyer enables our customers to outsource all or part of their legal function.

Examples of typical timeshare assignments:

A lawyer, one day a week for :

  • drafting contracts and general sales conditions.
  • negotiating and monitoring all your contracts.

A lawyer, one day a week for :

  • all legal aspects of day-to-day operations: approval of annual accounts, governance, transfer of registered office, etc.
  • and support for exceptional operations: capital increases and reductions, share sales, etc.

A lawyer two days a week for :

  • support in employment law: monitoring employment contracts and resolving disputes.
  • and managing relations with your employee representative bodies.

Time-sharing for legal departments
of large and medium-sized companies

The finding: the legal departments of medium-sized and large companies need additional resources to cope with peaks in activity and to address specific issues. specific issues, and wish to benefit from the reactive assistance of a lawyer or an experienced legal expert, in addition to their own team..

Our answer: an additional jurist/lawyer on site or remotely, available 1, 2 or 3 days a week at a daily rate to assist you in handling all types of cases, just as an in-house lawyer would.

    • For small and medium-sized businesses: the timeshare lawyer enables you to increase the capacity of your existing legal department, while optimizing costs, without incurring major expenses and without having to recruit new staff. 
    • For large companies : the timeshare lawyer can provide legal support to cover an absence, a one-off project or as back-up while waiting to be recruited.

Examples of typical timeshare assignments:

For an ETI, a lawyer two days a week, to take charge of RGPD compliance for:

  • a compliance audit,
  • formalities with the CNIL and foreign regulators
  • drafting of information notices, data transfer contracts and codes of conduct for securing personal data
  • data breach management

For a large company, a lawyer to reinforce the legal department in contract law, from one to three days a week, for :

  • drafting and negotiating contracts for a specific purchasing area (e.g. IT purchasing)
  • drafting standard contracts and implementing contractual policies
  • assistance in drawing up contractual documentation for specific tendering operations

For an ETI, a lawyer one day a week, to manage the trademark portfolio for :

  • tracking deposits and renewals
  • monitoring of trademarks and domain names in France and abroad

Intervention methods

Together, we draw up the specifications, propose the person or persons who will be your dedicated contacts, estimate the number of hours or days per month/week, and validate the fixed fee.


Your contact can work either entirely remotely, with all the necessary digital tools and fully adapted to those used by the customer, or on-site at your premises.


In particular, the contract specifies the duration of the assignment and the nature of the services included: to be chosen from all areas of law without limitation (contracts, business law, company law, labor law, competition and consumer law, taxation...).


Our strengths Our lawyers are genuine business partners who listen to your company, your needs and the legal issues you face on a daily basis.

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