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In recent decades we have seen companies transform. Hierarchical organisations with centralised power are evolving into matrix structures. Companies are becoming more flexible, adopting Agile project methodologies with distributed decision-making powers and shorter decision paths. This context generates more delegation, and also more risks to manage, at all levels. The Manager, like the rest of the company, must be flexible, responsive, autonomous and responsible. He or she adopts a new mindset.

In addition to their technical skills and know-how, managers (of teams, projects and transitions) are enriched by genuine emotional and relational skills to be able to act appropriately, adapting their actions, behavior and communication to the dynamic context in which they operate.

The Transition Manager - Expert evolves
to adapt to the new context of his customers
and becomes a Transition Manager - Expert & Pilot.

Adapting to this new context implies that the Manager is aware of his or her personality and behavioural skills, which play a role in his or her ability to work in a group, his or her resistance to stress, etc.

The change in posture required implies the acquisition of new skills that we, at IMfinity, call "Relational Excellence" or "Interim Manager's Know-How" also known as Soft-Skills.

Based on the values of IMfinity,Empathy,Humility and Singularity, we help managers (team, project, transition) to better understand themselves in order to better integrate into their ecosystem and be more collaborative.

The main benefits of this new identity are

For the Manager

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  • Emotional intelligence: understanding and better managing your emotions.
  • Situational intelligence: adapting one's posture and communication according to the context, taking into account the issues at stake and the company's values...
  • Relational intelligence: developing trusting relationships, inspiring confidence.
  • Knowing how to question oneself, making decisions and choices.
  • Developing leadership.
  • Adjust your management style.

For the Company


Performance is enhanced by :

  • Better collaboration and cooperation within teams and projects.
  • Coordination of actions facilitated by group cohesion.
  • The creativity of each individual in his or her approach to effective problem solving.
  • A friendly atmosphere conducive to the emergence of a positive and unifying energy.


Our support offer allows us to strengthen the skills of of Managers and toincrease their performance. It is available in two forms: individual coaching and training.

The strengths of individual coaching :

  • 100% personalised to the request of the coachee.
  • A privileged interpersonal relationship conducive to taking a step back, to exchanges in complete confidentiality, to experiments to transform questions into actions.
  • This support is based on the coachee's concrete professional situations and allows him or her to explore his or her own solutions and to investigate his or her obstacles.
  • A process that allows you to learn in a different way and to constantly find new solutions.
  • At each session, the coachee leaves with concrete actions to implement.

Its purpose is to free up the manager's ability to find and implement the most appropriate solutions for him/her within the context in which he/she finds him/herself.

Strengths of the course :

  • The transmission of "practical" techniques and tools by trainers who are experts in the subject.
  • Trying out, testing yourself in a group context close to real experience in the field.
  • Exchanges with other participants that open minds and give several views on the same situation.
  • Personalized feedback that allows each person to learn from the group's experiences.

This support provides,

Coaching diagram
Soft Skills