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At IMfinity, we know that recruiting an executive is a delicate issue
and a high-stake issue for each of our clients.
Recruiting means changing, building, but also trusting and hoping.

Faced with these challenges and expectations, we guarantee a perfect understanding of your request from a technical point of view but also from a cultural point of view.

We provide you with our in-depth knowledge of organizations, their dynamics, and their objectives.

Our entire team is made up of seasoned professionals who have worked in the business for many years. They are passionate about the way we do our job, which is to put people at the heart of your concerns. The network of each of our associates is at the service of our clients to help them in the best possible way, wherever we are present and at all times.

Our objective is simple: to bring you the best candidates, for the position to be filled, which is by specific hypothesis, unique.

We work on middle and senior executive searches. Our mandates are preferably exclusive, on a fixed-price or success fee basis.

We develop with each of our clients a long-term relationship based on trust, transparency and commitment. For each file, our entire team is dedicated to you, with all our experience and know-how.

We work alongside you in all areas (industry, services).

Our field of intervention covers the majority of the company's functions



On recruitment and headhunting in the legal professions,
Marie-Pierre Dambly heads the department

After ten years of experience in law firms and then in corporate law, notably in acquisitions, restructurings, joint ventures and financing for international groups in corporate law firms (Jeantet & Associés) in New York and Paris, and at Moulinex as Deputy General Counsel, Marie-Pierre joined Robert Half in 1999 as a recruitment consultant specializing in legal and tax matters, where she worked until 2006.

From 2006 to 2013, she created and developed a legal and tax recruitment offering within the Hudson law firm, which covered a wide range of consulting services for major business law firms, legal departments, and notary offices oriented towards business law.

Marie-Pierre Dambly

Associate Director
Recruitment Department

Marie-Pierre Dambly, as Associate Director, is in charge of the recruitment department for legal functions for companies or groups of companies within IMfinity.

Marie-Pierre has significant experience in the legal recruitment market and is professionally recognised by her peers for not only assisting numerous clients but also for supporting lawyers who wish to progress and move on to new professional challenges.

We believe that it is important to offer a specific recruitment service for legal profiles with a high degree of requirement on the quality of the selection, on the adequacy of the needs expressed as well as on the efficiency and performance of the teams.

Indeed, the legal function, which is essential for the smooth running of the company, the protection of assets and the security of the commercial activity carried out, often deals with strategic, sensitive and confidential matters within tight deadlines.

In increasingly complex environments, it must advise the general management, support the business, and therefore serve both internal clients and external contacts.

We are committed to listening to our clients, taking into account their requirements and any specificities for the position in question. We jointly define the timetable for all stages of the service when the mandate is signed.

We seek to establish a relationship of trust with our clients as part of a genuine partnership approach.

We accompany you in your search for your :

    • General Counsel
    • Legal Officer
    • Senior Legal Officer
    • Middle Lawyer

But also for the search for your :

    • DPO
    • Compliance Officer
    • Secretary General
    • Tax director or tax specialist
    • Employment law manager or lawyer
    • Contact Manager

Data Protection

For your recruitment needs ,
Alan Daifuku is here to answer your questions

A French-American, Alan began his career in the United States. Back in France, he joined BusinessObjects, the leader in Business Intelligence (BI) enterprise software. At BusinessObjects, he worked in the R&D teams, first in technical documentation and then in project management.

Following the acquisition of BusinessObjects by SAP, Alan first managed the delivery of a business performance management software solution, and then proceeded to transform work environments and implement collaborative tools for all SAP development teams worldwide.

Alan Daifuku

Associate Director
DPO / IT Department

We help you to recruit your specialists in this strategic area for your company. We offer you profiles of :

    • Chief Data Protection Officer / Group Data Protection Officer
    • Data Protection Officer / Délégué à la Protection des Données
    • Data Privacy Attorney


For your recruitment in Finance

In Finance, we help you to find your :

    • Administrative and Financial Director
    • Director / Chief Accountant
    • Controlling Director: Central, Commercial, Operational
    • Treasurer
    • Project Management Finance

Human Resources

For your HR recruitments

The HR manager is involved in organising, administering and developing
and development of human resources of a company.

It is now a key element of the company's strategy and must carry out five main tasks:

    •  recruitment,
    •  training,
    •  dialogue and social relations,
    •  personnel management and administration,
    •  career and skills management.

To do so, he plays on four dimensions:

    • HR expertise (recruitment, labour relations, management/administration, pay/payroll, relations with trade unions, legal/litigation, HRD tools, health and safety, HR reporting) 
    • strategic management (HR strategy/policy, company policy, global strategy, social policy) 
    • motivation management (internal communication, management support, motivation, corporate/group culture)
    • and more and more today: change management (training, career management, change management) 

This is how we recruit for our clients:

On generalist/strategic positions :

- Director of Human Resources

- Human Resources Manager

On positions in human resources administration:

- Head of Personnel Administration

- Payroll Manager

- Social Law Lawyer

- Head of Social Relations

On positions in human resources development :

- HR Development Manager

- Recruitment Manager

- Head of school relations

- Mobility Manager

- Training Manager

- Head of compensation & benefits

For large companies and groups, in central function, BU or on local sites.


For your IT recruitment needs

We help recruit your IT managers and the experts you may need
in this area that has become absolutely key for organizations of all sizes.

We offer profiles of :

    • Director of Information Systems (DSI) /
      Systems and Networks Administrator
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    • Cybersecurity Manager /
      Cybersecurity Manager
    • Technology Manager /
      R&D Manager
    • Project Director


For your executive recruitment

We help you to recruit your specialists in this field which has become strategic for your company.

We offer profiles of :

  • Director General, DGA, DGD
  • Subsidiary Director, Country Manager
  • Business Unit Manager, Profit Centre Manager
  • Director of Strategic Projects
  • Development Director, Commercial Director
  • Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Site Manager
  • For the past 4 years, we have had the honor of working for major French and international groups
    with their requirements and satisfaction at the heart of our their requirements and their satisfaction.

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