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Mission or permanent contract? When the line gets blurred...

What if the professional's profile was more important than the way he or she was hired? That's the conclusion reached by the experts at IMfinity, who have played a major role in spreading this trend in the marketplace. We take a closer look...

In their search for the best professional to meet a specific need, recruiters in legal departments are changing their paradigm. The choice between recruiting on a permanent or interim basis is no longer as clear-cut as it once was!

"Long opposed to each other, these two dimensions are finally coming together," analyzes Arnaud Desclèves. Since 2017, we've been raising awareness of the virtues of interim management both among the management of major companies and among candidates seeking new professional opportunities. And today, a real shift is taking place. Companies no longer hesitate to contact us when they have a definite need for expertise, but no firm opinion on the modality."

Reasons for change

Several factors explain this trend.

Firstly, the tightness of the job market for certain profiles of legal professionals. Faced with a situation of shortage, recruiters are adapting to meet their roadmap.

At the same time, societal trends are prompting more and more working people to reconcile their personal and professional lives as they see fit, making interim management particularly attractive to them.

And legal professionals are no exception to this new rule: those with the requisite qualities prefer to take on one assignment after another, without attachment, without time to get bored, sometimes with long breaks between shifts, as long as it fits in with their ideal lifestyle. A reality that has been taken on board by companies. At the same time, they are realizing that the profile takes precedence over the contract!

Multiply your options with interim management

"Some even see this as an advantage, offering an alternative in the recruitment process : keep two solutions open as long as possible, and choose the best option as late as possible," analyses Arnaud Desclèves.

Another advantage clearly identified by companies is the possibility of recruiting the interim manager at the end of the assignment. Even if this is not the primary purpose of this solution, it does give companies time to assess the qualities of the lawyer and his or her ability to fit into the environment, before making a promise to hire. But this type of recruitment remains the exception, and occurs in less than 20% of cases.

IMfinity's teams were quick to grasp this new challenge, and now rely on the fast-growing recruitment method of interim management.

" The convergence is real , "confirms Marie-Pierre Dambly, whose career took her from recruiting for law firmsto recruiting lawyers for legal departments before she became Associate Director of IMfinity three years ago.

" Our global vision of the market, with the needs of companies on the one hand and the aspirations of legal professionals on the other, gives us a strong ability to anticipate and adapt to accompany this evolution."

CDI or assignment: the importance of a tailor-made solution

For a permanent contract or a legal interim management assignment, we don't just push a pile of CVs at the company," adds Arnaud Desclèves. Our difference lies in the rigorous selection of profiles and in the preparation we give them to adapt as well as possible to their new environment. Today, a recruiter can contact us for either a contract or an assignment. Together, we will identify their needs, analyze their issues and build a tailor-made solution to meet their expectations. The boundaries are blurring in favor of efficiency and relevance.

Article - Mission or permanent contract

The choice between an Interim Management assignment and a permanent contract depends on the specific needs of the company and the profile of the professional, and recruiters must now consider both options to find the most effective solution to meet their needs.