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What if you opted for a timeshare lawyer?

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Is your legal department in need of reinforcements? What if you opted for a timeshare lawyer? With this formula, no recruitment, no permanent contract, no fixed-term contract, no full-time work, but more flexible interventions, for example a few days a week. IMfinity unveils its new offer.

Time-sharing lawyer: definition

A timeshare lawyer is a legal professional who offers his or her legal services to several companies or clients, usually working a set number of hours for each, rather than being employed full-time by a single entity.

This approach provides flexibility both for organizations that benefit from specialized legal advice without having to hire a full-time lawyer, and for lawyers who want freedom.

The timeshare lawyer: easier access to the legal profession for companies

Two days a week, 6 days a month or even on-demand interventions: with the timeshare lawyer, who is an external legal expert, companies choose flexibility! In concrete terms, all the fundamentals of legal interim management are present in this solution," insists Mickaël Mathiot, CEO of IMfinity. The major difference lies in the pace of intervention.

Already well-structured legal departments are often faced with one-off needs ," explains Emmanuelle Hober Zaffran, Associate Director in charge of this practice at IMfinity. One customer, for example, asked us to draft and monitor specific purchasing contracts. Its teams don't have the bandwidth to absorb this task, and the requirement doesn't call for a full-time legal expert. What's more, the amount of time to be allocated varies constantly according to the activity: 3 days one week, 1 day the next... We provide the flexibility the customer needs.

The lawyer's mission: sufficient and necessary time

"Another peculiarity? We find that these can be very long assignments, sometimes lasting several years," notes Emmanuelle Hober Zaffran. The company is accompanied by a seasoned professional who intervenes at a mutually agreed pace. Unlike traditional interim management, these are not necessarily intensive assignments geared to very specific projects, such as restructuring, urgent replacements or acquisitions.

Requirements are regularly reassessed, at the customer's request, to adapt the time allocated to his needs. "In the end, there's no such thing as a standard assignment: this formula takes whatever form the customer wants it to take. Flexibility makes all the difference. says Emmanuelle Hober Zaffran.

IMfinity's timeshare lawyer: expertise assessed

But how are the profiles proposed to the customer chosen? Here, the methodology is based on the same high standards and quality criteria for which IMfinity is renowned. On receipt of the customer's request, the firm's associates identify the most suitable profiles for the assignment from their pool. The following day, a pre-selection of 2 or 3 profiles is submitted to the customer, who identifies those he wishes to interview. In the days that follow, the selected lawyer begins his or her assignment in a fully operational manner, mastering the issues, the subjects and all the tools essential to its completion.

In timesharing too, we offer augmented interim managers," says Arnaud Desclèves, founder of IMfinity. They master :

    • business english ;
    • the best tools, the latest applications and solutions such as artificial intelligence: they need to be able to embed these solutions in their customers' businesses;
    • the psycho-social skills or "soft skills" essential to this type of mission.

Throughout their time with the company, these experts in their field are supervised by an IMfinity partner, who supports them throughout their career.

Customized, secure legal solutions

IMfinity deploys tailor-made solutions to meet a wide range of requirements. For example, 100% telecommuting assignments, with guaranteed connection security, or assignments in different French cities. "We are convinced that the timeshare lawyer is an appropriate solution for many companies, of all sizes and in all sectors. It's a lever you can use to strengthen your teams, with all the flexibility you can imagine.

Is your legal department in need of reinforcements? What if you opted for a timeshare lawyer?